creating user in sample

Please Note: Here iam writing description of code in comments

// creating user into database sample using

Public Function Do_InsertUsrs(ByVal strConn As String, ByVal strDid As String, _
        ByVal strUid As String, ByVal strPwd As String) As Integer

            Dim strSta As String
            strSta = "A"

            '' used to establish connection to database

            objConn = New OracleConnection(strConn)

	    '' opening the connection


	    '' begining the Transaction

            tx = objConn.BeginTransaction

            '' command to be executed ile., inserting record to database using parameters ile UID,Pwd Did

            objComm = New OracleCommand("INSERT INTO
DET_SELFPRINTING_USERS VALUES('" & strDid & "','" & strUid & "','" & strPwd & "')", objConn)

           objComm.Transaction = tx

	    '' Execute the Query it returns no of rows effected ile., 1

            iCnt = objComm.ExecuteNonQuery()

  '' checking if 1 row is executed successfully it displayes record saved

            If (iCnt = 1) Then
                Return iCnt
                Throw New Exception("Faild to Create user try again")
            End If

        Catch ex As Exception
            Throw New Exception("User already exists ")

End Try

End Function

''when calling this method pass values to it as parameters

            iCnt = Do_InsertUsrs(strConn, Did, TxtUid.Text, TxtPwd.Text)
            If (iCnt = 1) Then
                Responce.Write("Record Saved Successfully")

                TxtUid.Text = ""
                TxtPwd.Text = ""
                TxtRPwd.Text = ""
               Responce.Write("Record Not Saved Successfully")
                TxtUid.Text = ""
                TxtPwd.Text = ""
                TxtRPwd.Text = ""
            End If
        Catch ex As Exception


 End Try

note: if there is any error in code please comment on thsi post i will try to find solution for the same


About kakani santosh kumar

Working as Software Engineer in Prithvi Information Solutions having 3 years of Experience in Dotnet Framework ranging from 1.1 to 3.5
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One Response to creating user in sample

  1. arun says:

    in the problem of unable to connect to development serve,,,i have downloaded(133kb) file from this but still i am getting the same problem when i have been executing(asp.netwebsite) for 4-5 times,,why is it so happening

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