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Making DropDownlist Selected Automatically on giving value

s if there eexists one Drop downlist and  if it have values from dataset say Ds and that dataset ds is having a table named Ab with 2 columns a)TextData  b) ValueData so we will set our data set like … Continue reading

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Button is firing BUtton Click on Refreshing the page

I came through some strange problem this week end i had a form which have 3 textfields where user enters data and clicks on update button to update the values …. the code was working fine but the tester has … Continue reading

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Maximum file upload size using File Upload

we can upload only 4 Mb File using File upload control by default and if we want to extend this file length we should change maxRequestLength=”4096″ which is by default 4 mb to some thing else   for example  i will … Continue reading

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alternative method for entering path in DOTNET

hi friends you may came across the situation to enter any path of drive or folder with extra slash if there exists a file in c drive and  if its original path is ” c:\folder1\file1.doc” then we will write the same path … Continue reading

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How to Add Colors to Alternative rows in GridView

We can add colors to alternative rows by doing like this suppose there exists 10 rows in a grid view  so we can do it in c# like this for (int i = 0; i <= 9; i++) { ActGridView.Rows(i).BackColor … Continue reading

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