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Working as Software Engineer in Prithvi Information Solutions having 3 years of Experience in Dotnet Framework ranging from 1.1 to 3.5

solution for Space is shown as %2520 insted of %20 in link url

HI Friends Today i would like to discuss one of the issues which took 3 days of my time in searching around google so today i am presenting both problem and solution the problem is my dotnet code was generaing … Continue reading

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Open files with no extension using notepad by default in windows 8/7 and xp

i wanted to open all files having no extension with notepad in windows 8/7 and xp for that please open one notepad and save the following lines as it is and  rename that file as abcd.reg and execute that after … Continue reading

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Programe to Confirm Leaving of page using javaScript

for example if you have a scenario that to display confirm leaving when ever user is leaving the page by closing browser or by clicking on any part of other page lie, clicking on buttons or Links for that we … Continue reading

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Compare 2 ArrayLists using C# and tell wether they are same or not

usefull method to compare 2 ArrayLists private bool CompareArrayLists(ArrayList List1, ArrayList List2)    {        if (List1.Count != List2.Count)            return false;         for (int i = 0; i < List1.Count; i++)        {            if (!List1[i].Equals(List2[i]))                return false;        }        return true;    }  

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Upload .csv file to Codebehind and Convert it to Dataset using C#

HI friends this example is going to teach you how to upload a .csv file using file upload control and how to Convert the content of .csv file into Dataset so that this Dataset can be used further in Programe … Continue reading

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Convert string CCYYMMDD to Date Time format using C#

Hi Friends Today when i was Writing a Programe to upload .csv file to server in which i encountered a small problem that is the user was entering date in string format in .csv file as CCYYMMDD(20140130) format so when … Continue reading

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Adding Ascx controls Dynamically using

Hi friends you can add User controls dynamically using the following code if there exists a Student page and you need to add a user control into this page when button1 is clicked so you should write code like this … Continue reading

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