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Finding which Control has caused PostBack in C# asp.net

Hi friends today iam going to post a Demo Code which demonstrates. which control have requested the post back generally while using Ajax mostly we get postback with out getting into page life cycle and some times we need to … Continue reading

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Remove Duplicates from ArrayList in C# VB.net

you can use this psudo code for removing redundant data in array list private static ArrayList RemoveDuplicate(ArrayList sourceList) { ArrayList list = new ArrayList(); foreach (string item in sourceList) { if (!list.Contains(item)) { list.Add(item); } } return list; } i … Continue reading

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Splitting String into 2 parts based on seperator using C#

for example if i have a String “santosh-kumar” so i just want to split them and Store into 2 strings variables like String a = “santosh” and String b = “kumar” so in order to do this the solution is … Continue reading

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Number of week occurances in a month programe using c#

This time  My TL asked me to write small program to get all the Fridays in a month with out using Calender control she asked me to take own time to create one 🙂 but i created it in 5 … Continue reading

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Changing Date Time Format in C# according to user requirement

our database was taking date in string format so the problem was the date was showing in c# 8/13/2010 2:04:11 PM in this format where as my database wants it in 08132010 format so as usual i tried String.Format method … Continue reading

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